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Johan Arnet


Johan brings over 25 years of experience as an founder / entrepreneur and executive in the information technology and technical services industry. He is highly proficient in the technical areas of networking, server administration, data centre management, and WAN systems. Additionally, Johan is a proven executive and business leader in the tech space.

Background Snapshot

Turnium Technology Group Inc., Founder and Board Director (2017 – present)
Carrier Connect Systems, Ltd., Founder (2020 – present)
PSD Professional Systems/Designs, Ltd., Founder (2001 – present)
Multapplied Networks Inc., Founder and Board Director (2012 – 2019)
Orcadian Group, Partner, Technology Services (2014 – 2018)


Johan specializes assessing technology and advising on the commercial viability of tech opportunities in connection with Moneta’s advisory and investment banking mandates. Johan’s extensive experience in executive leadership in the tech space bolsters our ability to execute mandates involving tech companies.