Our Services

We focus on driving outcomes that best serve the long-term needs of our client issuers and their founders while providing capital sources with the opportunities they are seeking. We are proud to have demonstrated this winning formula by delivering successful outcomes working with a wide variety of companies operating in spaces ranging from CleanTech to industrials, infrastructure, energy, CPG, mining, and more. We also have expertise gained from supporting Indigenous-led equity and equity / lending partnerships with First Nations in major industrial projects including in the mining and energy sectors.

It’s not easy for companies to know what kind of capital they need or how and when it is best to access it. We know how to determine the optimal path to capital by knowing what capital is looking for.

Capital alone does not solve many of the underlying issues facing growth companies and their ability to raise it is highly dependent on how well equipped they are to optimally utilize it. Our team works with founders and management to assess their readiness for capital and to prepare materials, including financial modelling, that institutional capital expects. Our experience and sectoral expertise across a broad range of industries enables us to accurately determine the needs and risk tolerances of equity and debt capital and to properly prepare our clients to satisfy them.

Once our partners are confident that a client company is adequately prepared to access capital, we work with them to define a target list from our global network of institutional capital, family offices, and high-net-worth investors or institutional lenders. We have expertise in the planning and execution of private placements, public offerings, reverse takeovers, debt transactions, and other complex corporate finance transactions.

Moneta performs registerable activity through an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD). Certain members of our team are registered as Dealing Representatives, which enables us to deal in prospectus-exempt securities in compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.

We serve clients in a wide variety of strategic areas in support of realizing successful outcomes relating to mergers and acquisition (buy-side and sale-side), divestitures, planned exits, and other liquidity events. We also advise clients on matters relating to board composition and governance.